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    RO Membrance







    A.Product Description

     Material  Polyamide
     Construction  Spiral-wound with tape outer wrap
     Applications  Drinking water

    B.Main Performance Parameter

          Model  Permeation Flux GPD(LPD)  Rejection Percent
     OSA1812-50               50(189)           》95%
     OSA1812-75               75(283)           》95%
     OSA1812-100              100(378)           》95%

    Test Condition:500 mg/L NaCI solution 65 Psi(448kPa) 10% water recovery 25℃ and PH 7.5. Data are collected on each element,after 30 minutes of operation at these conditions.

    C.Operation and design information

    Typical operating pressure:   65psi (448 kpa)

    Maximum operating pressure: 125psi(862 kpa)

    Maximum operating temperature: 113°F (45℃)

    Maximum cleaning temperature:113°F (45℃)

    Maximum continuous free chlorine:<0.1 mg/L

    Allowable pH-continuous operation: 2-11

    Allowable pH-shot term cleaning:1-12

    Maximum feed water silt density index: SDI<5

    Maximum feed water turbidity: NTU<1

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