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    Main product line:low&medium back pressure R134a refrigeration compressor.

    Product feature:low operation noise,low start-up voltage,high efficiency,energy saving and long working life.

    Main product line:CCC,CE,ROHS,VDE,UL.

    Application:widely used for water dispenser,water cooler,ice maker,ice cream machine,beer cooling machine and other household appliances.

    ASHRAE Test Condition:
    Evaporating temperature: -23.3°C
    Condensing temperature: 54.4°C
    Subcooling temperature: 32.2°C
    Suction temperature: 32.2°C
    Ambient temperature: 32.2°C

    Capacity: no less than 95%
    Input power: no less than 115%
    Current: no more than 110%
    COP: no less than 93%

    Technical Data of QD Series Refrigeration Compressor
    (Low back pressure, Refrigerant: R134a)

    Motor wire: copper or copper/aluminium
    All data is subject to change without notice.