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    Auxiliary Equipment

    Beforehand filter
    TC-7.0SC (7T/H)

    Beforehand filter
    TC-3.0SC (3T/H)

    Exchange bed
    system (1T/H)


    Ozone generator
    & mixing machine
    model: CH-1


    Operator disinfecting
     room model: FLS-1C

    Single working section
    bottle cleaner model: DXP-1 


    Auto water softener
    (model: RS-2:2T/H RS-3:3T/H)

    SS water tank
    model:1T 2T

    Cleaning working
    table model: YJ-875 


    Cap disinfector


    Heating and disinfecting germ 
    equipment model:DHP-360

    Ozone water maker
    model: CH-3 CH-4


    Adding-medicament machine

    Desktop drier


    Light- electric type turbidity monitor
    model: GDS-3A

    Air cleaner and disinfector
    model: ZJ-1

    Mechanical analysis balance

    Portable pressure disinfecting equipment
    model: GMSX-280

    UV disinfector
    (model: 20W 30W 40W)

    Biology microscope