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    25kg/day Pou style for piped water


    1.Unique industrial design with design patent;                                                     

    2.Patent is obtained for the special logic control device;                                           

    3.Full automatic control system is driven by micro chip;

    4.Small volume to save space,artistic&charming apperance;

    5.Transparent ice block;

    6.Refrigerant compressor is R134a(green substance);

    7.Ice,water,ice water mixture can be supplied automatically and separately;

    8.Elegant moulding come from stainless steel shell and colourful ABS plastic part.

     Ice make capability  25KG/24H
     Ice storage capability  3.2KG
     Rated Voltage  220-240/110-120V
     Rated Frequency  50-60Hz
     Input power  240W
     Refrigerant&Weight  R134a/100g
     Machine size  35*53*68cm
     Package Size 43*58.5*73.5cm