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    Ice Dispenser (POU style)



    A. LCD display and transparent bullet ice

    B. Timer function (work at appointed time and stop at appointed time)

    C. Hot water & room temp water

    D. Ice full alarming, deficient water alarming function

    E. Auto filling / draining water

    F. Water supply by pipe automatically or by spoon manually


    1. Hot water temp higher than 85 degree celsius and heating power 550W

    2. Cold water temp lower than 5 degree celsius and cooling power 150W

    3. Ice making capacity: 10~12kg per 24 hours

    4. Hot water tank volume 2.5 L

    5. Ice making water tank volume 3.5 L

    6. Electrical power supply 220-240/115V, 50/60Hz

    7. Refrigerant: R134a

    8. Packing size: 520*380*580mm