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    Ice Dispenser (bottled water)



    A. LCD display and transparent bullet ice

    B. Timer function (work at appointed time and stop at appointed time)

    C. Hot water & room temp water

    D. Ice full alarming, deficient water alarming function

    E. Auto filling / draining water

    F. Water supply by 5 gallon bottled water


    1. Hot water temp higher than 85 degree celsius and heating power 550W

    2. Cold water temp lower than 5 degree celsius and cooling power 150W

    3. Ice making capacity: 10~12kg per 24 hours

    4. Hot water tank volume 2.5 L

    5. Ice making water tank volume 3.5 L

    6. Electrical power supply 220-240/115V, 50/60Hz

    7. Refrigerant: R134a

    8. Packing size: 520*380*580mm