• What harmful substances in water?
    Update Time 2010-8-3

    What kind of harmful substances in water?

    The first is chloride, because tap water through bleach disinfection, React chemical reflect with organic in water, creating high dense of chloroforms, carbon tetrachloride, etc. Therefore, many people feel that water would be very difficult to hear, but also bitter & astringent.

    The second is organic, According to the statistics of WHO, there are 53 kinds of organics in water, these organics may easily lead to distortion of cancer, and even lead to gene mutation.

    The third is heavy metal, Generally caused in water source or in the water transport process, such as lead, mercury, arsenic (arsenic), chromium, etc., which would endanger people’s nervous system and blood circulation, perhaps resulting in mentally retarded children, leading to the elderly cirrhosis, liver cancer etc.

    The fourth is bacteria and other microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses and spore cysts of pathogenic protozoa.