• Knowledge Q & A of water purification technology
    Update Time 2010-2-1

    Q: What is the purpose and mission of water treatment?

    A: The purpose and mission is to obtain water from water purification properly processed by the water quality meets user requirements.

    Q: What is the commonly water treatment method?

    A: The treatment methods include: clarification, filtration, disinfection, remove odor, remove peculiar smell, remove iron, softening, desalination and demineralization.

    Q: What is softening? What is the common method of softening?

    A: Reducing the density of Ca 2+, Mg2+. That soften method is Ion-exchange method.

    Q: What is the meaning of remove iron in groundwater treatment? What is the common removing iron method?

    A: Removing iron meanings to make the water soluble divalent iron (Fe2+) oxidation into (Fe3 +) and removed it from water. Common method of removing iron is using natural manganese sand or quartz sand contact oxidation filtration.

    Q: What is the principle of surface aeration Oxidation removing iron?

    A: Using Oxygen in the air, Oxidation Fe2+ into Fe3+ separate out precipitation, and then removing it by sedimentation filtration

    Q: What is the principle of contact oxidation removing iron method?

    A: Raw water removing iron, Fe2+ be adsorbed by filter material membrane, and then under the catalysis of the filter material membrane, Be Oxidation by dissolved oxygen thus separate out from water.

    Q: In surface water treatment, what is the meaning of removing algae and common method?

    A: Reducing the density of algae’s treatment is algae removal. Common method are chemical method (plus copper sulfate, chlorine, etc.), physical method (air floation) and mechanical processing (micro-filtration machine)

    Q: What is the meaning of water basicity in water treatment?

    A: Basicity meaning the density of substance which reacting with acid in water, mainly means HCO3-, CO32-, OH-, etc.

    Q: In water treatment, what is the object of desalination and dechlorination?

    A: Treatment object of desalination and dechlorination is variety of dissolved salts, including anion & cation in water.

    Q: Which three categories of natural water impurities in accordance with their state of existence in water?

    A: Suspended substance, sediment and solute.

    Q: What is the main object of water purification?

    A: Main removing object is suspended substance & sediment.

    Q: In water purification, what is the meaning of coagulate?

    A: In order to eliminating the repulsive force between the sediment grain or damaging its hydrophilic, Making the grain easy to contact each other’s process.

    Q: What is the meaning coagulant?

    A: Coagulant is a kind of medium substance which could neutralist negative charge with colloidal impurities, and make the Body-phase particles combination each other

    Q: What is the mechanism of coagulate in water treatment?

    A: 1.compressed double-electron layer and electrogenicity neutralization 2.cross linkage absorption 3.sweep brush of sediment

    Q: In water treatment, which basic requirements of the coagulants used in water purification should be meet.

    A: Basic requirements: 1.Good coagulation effect 2. No harmful to human health 3.convenient application 4. Ample supply 5. Cheap