• Knowledge Q & A of water purifier
    Update Time 2010-1-26

    The common person has been drinking tap water (or groundwater) for a decade does not get any illness, why do they have to buy your products?

    As the advances of technology and the rapid development of industry and agriculture, the pollution of earth is getting worse, be purified by natural under groundwater is disappear, No suitable for direct drinking too.

    At present, Common pollution source of groundwater is:

    1) Industrial wastewater and other industrial waste.

    2) Agricultural pesticides, fertilizers with the irrigation water infiltrated into the underground.

    3) Domestic sewage, septic tanks and drainage facilities.

    4) Others pollution inleakage through river, lakes.

    5) Rubbish bury, and other pollutant’s leak.

    6) Seawater leakage.

    Our country nowadays river pollution is very serious, at past, rivers have fish & shrimp, and now we have rarely seen. Industrial development led to a large number of industrial wastewater discharged into the river, the remnants of agricultural pesticides, as well as chickens, ducks, pigs and other livestock waste into the river through the rain, so that river water subjected to an unprecedented pollution.

    According to expert analysis, 18-year-old youth is being developed; liver function has not yet fully developed to complete, an early age to drink unclean water, the next generation of great harm. As the detoxification function of the elderly do not decline to drink clean water, the body against deeper.

    Which kind of harmful substances in daily consume water?

    1) industrial waste water

    2) Animal waste

    3) Heavy Meta

    4) filterable virus

    5) bacteria, Bacillus coli

    6) chemicals

    7) pesticide

    8) chloroforms- cancer-causing toxins

    9) May be an excessive hardness, particularly in karst geological structure of the region (karst), easily lead to kidney stones.

    The water is too clean, which are not minerals, drinking too much will get osteomalacia?

    The United States Water experts say: the body’s main function of water is to promote metabolism, rather than mineral intake, the body minerals derived from their daily food, we do not need to negligible inorganic substances in water is likely the various forms of pollution, bacteria, viruses drank together, etc.

    Get habit of drinking clean water, and then drinking ordinary water, the body would not be able to adapt to?

    As the current water pollution is serious, if everyone drinking ordinary water, will increase the burden of liver function, and even drink out of a number of issues to, if they can drink clean water, in addition to enhancing liver function, the better to help row drugs, excrete waste, enhance the body immunity, reduce the production of the disease, so people who regularly drink straight water, once the drink ordinary water, the body is more able to adapt.

    Suppose a cup of 500cc’s water, drops into the drop of pesticides, drinking it and you is not toxic; if drip into 10 after the drink may be poisoned; if drops into 100cc, the drink may die. So, adds to the growing clean water, the residual toxins in your body will flush and exclude the other RO reverse osmosis membrane treatment as artificial kidney, like heavy metals and impurities in the water can be excluded to drink clean water to reduce liver kidney burden, so to remove the contaminated water is best to deal with the artificial kidney in vitro, do not own the body by the kidneys to bear the polution.