• How to choose RO water purifier?
    Update Time 2009-12-30

    RO water purifier is a kind of household drinking equipment, which appearance in the market not long time. But its appearance accepted more and more consumer’s favor, especially by the water dispenser user’s favor, because removal the fee of purchasing bottled water and transport trifle.

    The biggest difference of water purifier and water dispenser is: Function of water purifier is producing pure water. However, Water dispenser heating or cooling the pure bottled water convenience for drinking. Recently, Appeared on the market of 3 temperature free standing water purifier actually have covered water dispenser’s function.

    How does the water purifier change the tap water into pure water? It adopted the born in the 50’s reverse osmosis membrane technology, which is widely used in medicine (such as kidney dialysis), space (astronaut fluid circulation), sea water desalination and other high-tech areas, in recent years, using this technology, we developed out water purification equipment used in the private sector. Its working principle is to put some pressure on the water, force the water molecule and ions mineral elements through a reverse osmosis membrane layer, while the majority of inorganic salts dissolved in water (including heavy metals), organic as well as bacteria, viruses, etc. can not through that reverse osmosis membrane, Strictly separate the pure water and concentrated water, aperture of reverse osmosis membrane is only 0.0001um, the diameter of the virus are generally 0.02-0.4um, the diameter of common bacteria are 0.4-1um, so you can direct drinking purified water safely.

    RO water purifier’s regular working depends on a certain pressure; this pressure must be greater than membrane‘s osmotic pressure, the general rate is 2.8 kg/square centimeter. In the region of water pressure is unstable, we recommend that you have to buy a water purifier with booster pump, its working pressure is up to 6-9 kg/square centimeter, without restrictions of tap water pressure, efficiency making water, less waste water’s displacement, Daily output water capacity is about 130 liters, fully meet the required of daily water.