• PH value and drinking water health
    Update Time 2009-12-30

    Improving life quality, in addition to attention food health, daily drinking also referred to daily agenda. Variety of media & experts advocated drinking alkalescent water claimed that water is the most beneficial to health.

    Alkalescent water is drinking water with PH value 7. PH value is used for indicate the liquid of Physical and Chemical Indicators. PH value 7 is an intermediate value, while the PH value is less than 7, liquid are acidic. Is often heard that only always drinking water with PH value 7, people could avoided get silk, such as: hypertension, diabetes, cancer and gout disease of this kind of modern diseases.

    It’s said, people in the long-life region are drinking alkalescent water.

    How do you know the PH value of you home drinking water?

    To drugstore buy a block of PH value test paper, testing your own home’s drinking water. You could know the drinking water is acid or alkaline.

    In fact, things are not absolute; the national drinking water standards for the PH value between 6.5 to 8.5 are safe. However, the PH value of tea water is only 5 or so, but the tea is alkaline, can you say drinking tea is no safe?